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Welcome to our restaurant

Eating out has different meanings for different people. Some people just seek to satisfy their taste buds still others wish to experience an opportunity in a social environment which can indulge them in savory delectable cuisines while fostering relationships. Finding the best eat out joint can be a convivial experience and yet enjoying. One restaurant that can now help you enjoy a meal that’s not just satisfying but delicious as well is what Sunshine Spot can promise you. We at this inviting restaurant, love to serve people with love and serve what makes you happy and coming back for more,

Every individual has his or her personal opinions on what makes a great eat out joint. But, most people who have visited our restaurant often say that we are certainly better than others and unanimously have attained a positive vote.

Sunshine Spot is a restaurant which offers first-class service and delicious food to guests every time. The service is best and offered in an intimate and sophisticated setting. Located at Toronto,the menu served here is varied and includes something for every taste bud.
At Sunshine Spot, the sun shines all the time and this you can savor with are all-day breakfast menus, which are enough to give your day a kick start, whether early in the morning or during those brunch hours. From eggs and omelets to salads and sandwiches, our breakfast menu is bound to appeal to your taste buds satisfactorily and while indulging you in a meal to remember.

We constantly work to push the food envelope, while drawing in new and varied food and menu for people all the time. Come to us and see what we can serve you to make your day shine. Whether it’s that boning day of the week again-Monday or the loved weekend of the week, we can make your day happy!